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Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are symbol devotion and enduring commitment. Celebrate your commitment with the purity of yellow gold rings, rose gold, white gold, and platinum wedding bands or gemstone rings. Explore our beautiful collection of wedding rings for women and men, available in a variety of styles; from classic bands to chic diamond-accented wedding bands and metal colors.

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MIORG0021DI -RG15YG0900115


Starting price:₹12,966


MIORG0076DI -RG15YG0900170


Starting price:₹26,079

Beads Canorous

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Crossover Ring

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Paul Ring For Him

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Starting price:₹60,038

Plain Sonorous

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Starting price:₹28,703

Blossom Ring

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MIORG0071DI -RG15YG0900165


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Gold Karalis

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Joseph Ring For Him

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MIORG0061GD -RG15RG2200155


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MIORG0035DI -RG15YG0900129


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Dart Ring For Men

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Starting price:₹51,331

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From classic plain wedding bands in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum to delicate diamond bands enhanced with cuts comprising round, princess cut, oval and emerald cut; there’s a wedding ring to suit all your unique tastes.Whether your style is deliciously decadent, chic and sophisticated or understandably beautiful, these carefully crafted creations are some of the highest quality - the ultimate wedding jewellery to adorn your wedding finger.Our attention to detail is second to none and even men would be astonished by our grooved or plain men’s wedding bands with a flat or high dome finish.

Which wedding ring style should I buy?

Wedding rings represent the beginning of a new chapter for a couple and will remain on their hands for the rest of their lives. So, it makes sense that one would want to have the best wedding band that suits their style and budget.

Traditionally, the metal colour would be dictated by your engagement ring, since having two different metals together can wear off the less strong one. You should also bear in mind your engagement ring design so you choose one that fits seamlessly.

Yellow gold is the most popular metal colour when it comes to wedding rings but nowadays white gold has seen a rise in their popularity. You should also decide if you prefer simple and classic bands or if you would like diamond accented wedding rings.

When choosing a wedding ring, you should take into consideration your lifestyle and style preferences. Browse our beautiful wedding ring collection to find the perfect one.

How should the wedding rings be worn?

Before the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring is swapped on the right hand. The wedding ring is then placed onto the left hand, to be worn closest to the heart. After the ceremony, the engagement ring is then placed on top of the new wedding band.

Can the size of the wedding rings be changed?

The size of the finger isn't fixed. It changes gradually in time due to several factors such as temperature, weather, changes in the bodypregnancy etc. In a rare circumstance, it may occur that the ring doesn't fit perfectly. In such a situation changing the size of the ring is sensible but the size of the ring can be changed if the ring's design isn't eternity or engraved.

Why are wedding rings important?

Wedding rings symbolize commitment and are significant to both partners. Seeing the ring on your finger daily can also serve as a reminder to your partner about how much they mean to you and that it is them out of everyone else that you chose to spend the rest of your life with.


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