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Solitaire Diamond Rings

A classic solitaire that defines elegance. This style of engagement ringdiamond engagement ring remains remarkably popular due to its simple design - it has a timeless quality that will never date. For those looking for a single stone diamond ring, the classic solitaire is highly recommended as it emphasizes the quality of a single diamond. We have a beautiful collection of classic solitaire engagement rings, all available in a selection of metals and price to appeal to all tastes and budgets.

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Purba Falguni

MIORG0039DI -RG15YG0900133


Starting price:₹15,418

Daydream Circle Ring

MIORG0136DI -RG15RG0900470


Starting price:₹27,432


MIORG0081DI -RG15YG0900175


Starting price:₹49,877

Pear Ring

MIORG0135DI -RG15RG0900484


Starting price:₹47,933

Spear Obelisk

MIORG0101DI -RG15YG0900195


Starting price:₹48,051

Claire Cluster Ring

MIORG0140DI -RG15RG0900472


Starting price:₹28,260

Spark Stone

MIORG0095DI -RG15YG0900189


Starting price:₹51,181

Beads Aria

MIORG0020DI -RG15YG0900114


Starting price:₹9,593

Bubbly Ring

MIORG0142DI -RG15RG0900473


Starting price:₹34,716

Double Navel

MIORG0112DI -RG15YG0900206


Starting price:₹48,353

Elfin Bezel

MIORG0096DI -RG15YG0900190


Starting price:₹51,181

Bliss Ring

MIORG0130DI -RG15YG0900338


Starting price:₹66,298

Jenaya Ring

MIORG0129DI -RG15YG0900337


Starting price:₹66,559

Jiselle Ring

MIORG0131DI -RG15YG0900339


Starting price:₹85,691


MIORG0067DI -RG15YG0900161


Starting price:₹101,856

Simply Solitaire

MIORG0132DI -RG15YG0900340


Starting price:₹63,572


MIORG0019DI -RG15YG0900113


Starting price:₹9,593

Round Margarita

MIORG0103DI -RG15YG0900197


Starting price:₹26,673

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How find ring size at home?

Measuring your ring size is quite easy. You will need some household items to accurately measure your ring size. You can measure your ring size using a thread. Take a small thread and wrap it around the base of your finger, using a marker make a mark where the thread overlaps, Then, line that up with a ruler and take down its length in millimetres. Use a standard ring size chart to discover your perfect ring size.

Are ring size universal?

Discovering the perfect ring and its size could be quite complex. To discover your perfect ring you will always ensure that the size is perfect. But, the size of the rings isn't universal. Size of the ring differs from country to country. Size of the ring are country-specific.The United States, Canada and Mexico have the same ring size and use numerical values with quarter and half sizes for its measurement. While, the UK Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have the same ring sizes.


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