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Halo Diamond Rings

Whether you’re looking for circular or heart-shaped, we have a vast array of striking halo diamond rings to choose from. The halo design is represented by a large diamond solitaire, encircled by numerous smaller diamonds. The band is made from white, yellow, or rose gold, platinum, or a mixture of metals.Alternatively, our custom engagement ring design service allows you to create an elegant, quality-assured diamond engagement ring, exclusive for you.

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MIORG0083DI -RG15YG0900177


Starting price:₹33,922


MIORG0087DI -RG15YG0900181


Starting price:₹51,184


MIORG0094DI -RG15YG0900188


Starting price:₹32,303


MIORG0091DI -RG15YG0900185


Starting price:₹34,205


MIORG0084DI -RG15YG0900178


Starting price:₹29,100


MIORG0082DI -RG15YG0900176


Starting price:₹40,322


MIORG0102DI -RG15YG0900196


Starting price:₹15,084

Sphere Eye

MIORG0098DI -RG15YG0900192


Starting price:₹27,821


MIORG0085DI -RG15YG0900179


Starting price:₹53,240


MIORG0093DI -RG15YG0900187


Starting price:₹63,042


MIORG0088DI -RG15YG0900182


Starting price:₹58,408

Cluster Halo

MIORG0092DI -RG15YG0900186


Starting price:₹40,775


MIORG0089DI -RG15YG0900183


Starting price:₹57,078

Core Charmer

MIORG0097DI -RG15YG0900191


Starting price:₹115,623


MIORG0028DI -RG15YG0900122


Starting price:₹109,744

Dyad Swril

MIORG0110DI -RG15YG0900204


Starting price:₹170,961


MIORG0086DI -RG15YG0900180


Starting price:₹158,221

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How ring size is measured in India?

Hello! To measure your ring size the process is universal. To find your perfect ring size you will need a small thread and a measuring scale. Take a small thread and wrap it around your finger, using a marker mark where the thread overlaps. Now that you have the size of your finger line that up with a ruler and take down its length in millimetres. Now, using a ring size chart look up the size obtained in mm and find your respective size. Congratulations! You now have your accurate ring size.

Which ring size is bigger?

Ring sizes differ from person to person. Each person has a different size. While in India the average ring size for a woman is between 9 and 14, and the size usually range from 17 to 22 for men. The range starts from Size-1 which has a circumference of 1.61 inches while the biggest ring - Size 30 has a circumference of 2.74 inches and is the biggest size available.


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