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Diamond Earring

Give a truly meaningful and mesmerizing gift that symbolizes your love and friendship with a perfect pair of diamond earrings. Earrings are considered ancient. Both men and women have worn it for ages. To suit the style of every woman our stunning diamond earrings come in various sizes, designs and colour. Select from a wide range to find your perfect earrings.

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MIOER0030DI -ERPUYG0900030


Starting price:₹21,209

Circlet Stud

MIOER0027DI -ERPUYG0900027


Starting price:₹6,516

Foliate Emerald

MIOER0065EM -ERPUYG0900483


Starting price:₹53,871

Gleam Stud

MIOER0068DI -ERPUYG0900475


Starting price:₹20,518

Glitering Stud

MIOER0060DI -ERPUYG0900455


Starting price:₹24,983

Lotus Stud Earring

MIOER0070DI -ERPUYG0900494


Starting price:₹23,051

Luna Drop Earring

MIOER0072DI -ERPUYG0900495


Starting price:₹24,701


MIOER0045DI -ERPUYG0900219


Starting price:₹64,949


MIOER0032DI -ERPUYG0900032


Starting price:₹28,146

Oval Stud Earring

MIOER0069RB -ERPUYG0900480


Starting price:₹56,244

Ovate Royal

MIOER0064DI -ERPUYG0900492


Starting price:₹43,349

Pear Drop Earring

MIOER0066DI -ERPUYG0900493


Starting price:₹27,712

Tiger Lily

MIOER0073DI -ERPUYG0900481


Starting price:₹30,524

Trigon Drop Earring

MIOER0071DI -ERPUYG0900482


Starting price:₹34,992

Belle Bosom

MIOER0052DI -ERPUYG0900236


Starting price:₹19,266


MIOER0061RB -ERPUYG0900456


Starting price:₹36,696

Flower Bee

MIOER0050DI -ERPUYG0900234


Starting price:₹24,362


MIOER0031DI -ERPUYG0900031


Starting price:₹20,394

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Diamond studs are every lady's fantasy. Their brilliant flash promptly changes any face, wrapping it in a shocking gleam. Diamond studs became fashionable as ahead of schedule as the sixteenth century and have stayed an adored bit of adornments to ladies of any age from ages. Notwithstanding their straightforwardness, jewel studs are even worn on the Red Carpet to grant functions by celebrities. To enhance a lady's ear lobe with the most conventional type of precious stone stud earrings, one stone with a particular feature design is utilized. Round stones are the most well-known, trailed by the "princess" and "heart" cuts and afterward all the rest, from "emerald" cut diamond to teardrop diamonds.

Diamond Earrings – Which style you should choose?

It is significant while picking or choosing precious diamond earrings to know the style you admire and the utilization they will have.

Are you looking for earrings that you want to wear daily? Then a stud diamond earring would be your preferred choice. This style of earrings is easy to carry, wear and adds a beautiful sparkle to the outfit. Always follow the 4c's when looking for a statement piece, you can choose from drop or hoop earrings. These styles give you bigger look. Select from a wide variety of our stunning collection to add a sparkling finish to your outfit.

Can diamond earrings be worn everywhere?

Diamond earrings are elegant and are surreal. They can make any outfit classy just by their shimmering display. Diamond earrings are versatile by design and suitable for all occasions. Besides, they require no special event to wear. Discreet Diamond studs can be worn by day, or by night.

What do diamond earrings symbolize?

Women love earring, and quite likely so.They are truly sumptuous and beautiful. But they also have a deep meaning. Diamond earrings are a classic gift to show love. The diamond has been considered the ultimate symbol of marriage since 1447 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring as a promise of marriage.

Are diamond earrings a good gift?

Earrings make an excellent gift for any occasion. Because of the versatility of diamond earrings, they can be the perfect gift. Whether you attend a graduation celebration or your best friend's birthday party. Earrings also make a great gift for a relationship as they denote love and loyalty.


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