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Engagement Rings

The perfect engagement ring is achieved with the combination of high-quality diamonds and expert jewellery craftsmanship. Engagement rings represent everlasting companionship it symbol profound genuine love. Celebrate your commitment with the purity of yellow gold rings, platinum wedding bands, or gemstone rings.

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MIORG0025DI -RG15YG0900119


Starting price:₹21,846


MIORG0113DI -RG15YG0900227


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Starting price:₹34,172

Purba Falguni

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Azure Royal Ring

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Starting price:₹45,866

Classic Coke

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Starting price:₹23,041

Clump Eye

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Starting price:₹17,655

Daydream Circle Ring

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Starting price:₹27,432

Get Groovy Ring

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MIORG0081DI -RG15YG0900175


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MIORG0133DI -RG15RG0900478


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MIORG0087DI -RG15YG0900181


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Pear Ring

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Starting price:₹47,933

Pretty Plaza

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Starting price:₹20,708

Shanaya's Ring

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Starting price:₹29,615

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For over 500 years, engagement rings for women have been a staple part of any proposal. They are a symbol of love and dedication from a man to a woman. More recently, to reflect a more equal society, engagement rings have become popular for men too. They’re also often worn by both partners in a relationship, not just those who have been proposed to.

Our collection features a wide range of the best engagement rings from Halo to Solitaire, including side stone.

But first, there are plenty of questions you’ll no doubt need the answers such as how much you should spend, how to find the right size and how to find the best price.

How to wear an engagement ring?

In India, diamond engagement rings are worn on the similar hand and finger as wedding rings. The fourth finger of the left hand is where rings are most commonly worn. This approach is followed around the world too.

One of the many reasons that the reason the ring is placed on the fourth finger is because of an ancient followed tradition. The Romans believed that the fourth finger has a vein that is directly connected to the heart. This was called the Vena Amoris generally referred to as the Vein of Love.

After the wedding, most people continue to wear their engagement ring, usually on the same finger. During the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring should be swapped to the fourth finger of the right hand. After the ceremony, the engagement ring is then placed back onto the left hand, on top of the wedding band.

How do you find out what size ring your partner needs?

Finding out your partner's ring size can be a tricky part. The most common method is to ask your partner’s friends or family to find out the precise size. If this option doesn't work for you, consider borrowing one of your partner’s rings and procure the size from there.

If you can’t find out the exact ring size, get a measurement of the circumference of the ring finger in millimeters, then use a standard ring size chart to get the Indian ring size equivalent.

Why should you buy an engagement ring online?

Getting engaged is undeniably one of the most irreplaceable moments of life. It signifies the true meaning of perpetual and never-ending love. So it's no surprise that you want to buy the perfect ring for your special someone. Buying an engagement ring online gives you an extra edge in making it special.

With a wide range of beautiful and elegant collection, it is sure to capture their hearts. And with delightful and fascinating services such as free delivery all across India, a 15- days money-back guarantee, lifetime exchange, easy returns and a one year warranty on all its products, it is assured to make your abiding love splendid.


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