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Fine Circle Bracelet

MIOBR0001DI -BR06RG0900452


Starting price:₹30,446

Infinity Sparked Bangle

MIOBR0012DI -BR06YG0900498


Starting price:₹66,151

Oval Bangle

MIOBR0013DI -BR06YG0900499


Starting price:₹61,859

Roseate Bracelet

MIOBR0002DI -BR06RG0900454


Starting price:₹39,933

Delicated Round Bangle

MIOBR0014DI -BR06YG0900500


Starting price:₹62,384

Kiara Diamond Bracelet

MIOBR0003DI -BR06RG0900463


Starting price:₹57,600

Classic Bangle

MIOBR0015DI -BR06YG0900501


Starting price:₹66,588

Seeds Chain Bracelets

MIOBR0004DI -BR06RG0900474


Starting price:₹26,954

Helix Bangle

MIOBR0019DI -BR06YG0900502


Starting price:₹69,634

Thea Sparkle Bracelet

MIOBR0005DI -BR06RG0900464


Starting price:₹30,782

Pretty Bracelet

MIOBR0006DI -BR06RG0900465


Starting price:₹36,655

Shindrella Twist Bangle

MIOBR0021DI -BR06YG0900503


Starting price:₹65,987

Lynx Chain Bracelet

MIOBR0007DI -BR06RG0900466


Starting price:₹27,042

Quadrangle Bangle

MIOBR0016DI -BR06YG0900504


Starting price:₹53,786

Forever Paragon

MIOBR0008DI -BR06RG0900453


Starting price:₹33,420

Ovate Bangle

MIOBR0017DI -BR06YG0900505


Starting price:₹73,915

Charming Bangle

MIOBR0018DI -BR06YG0900506


Starting price:₹72,867

Juliet Chain Bracelet

MIOBR0009DI -BR06RG0900467


Starting price:₹34,480

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Can bracelets be resized?

Yes. Your precious bracelet can most certainly be resized. In a rare circumstance, it may occur that the bracelet's size may not be ideal for your wrist. In such a case the bracelet would be resized by our expert jewellers and make the necessary alterations for you.

On which wrist should a woman wear a bracelet?

Bracelets are generally worn on the left hand by women. However, there is no such rule on how to flaunt a bracelet. It merely comes down to individual preference. Since women wear watches on their right hand, most prefer to wear them on the other hand, to not cause any hurdle.

Can I wear a bracelet casually?

Bracelets are an elegant accessory. They can make any outfit look gorgeous with its sheer elegance and also can elevate your classy style. So, yes. You can wear a bracelet casually and regularly. For casual use, gold bracelets and beaded bracelets make the perfect fit and look incredible when paired with a casual outfit.

Do bracelets make a good gift?

Bracelets have been around for ages. Bracelets are one of the most beautiful and fine accessories one loves to flaunt and they continue to be one of the trendiest pieces of jewellery. If you are planning to buy a gift, bracelets are always a pleasant choice.


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