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Metal Guide

When it comes to buying fine jewellery, we first check the design then we consider what different types of precious (gold, platinum, silver) metals are available. It is often a tricky task to determine which metals would be best and durable. Here we have curated a guide that would assist you in your buying decision for all the diamond rings, earring, pendants and gold jewellery. Take a moment to educate yourself on the attributes of jewellery.

Gold Guide

Karat defines the percentage of an alloy (other metal) mixed with gold. It is referred to as kt or k

9k Gold - 9kt gold represents 37.5% gold purity. It is mostly used for diamond jewellery. The stamp used for this is 375.

14k Gold - 14kt gold represents 58.5% purity. This is the most popular and is widely loved by customers these days. Stamped on gold is 585.

18k Gold - 18kt gold represents 75.0% purity and is commonly used jewellery. Look out for 750 stamps or the 18kt stamp.

22k Gold - 22kt gold represents 91.7% gold purity, resulting in the most expensive and it is very soft. This is mainly used for pure gold jewellery. Stamp for this gold is 917 or look for 22kt

24k Gold - This denotes 99.99% gold purity. It is not used in jewellery because it is very soft. It can't hold diamonds or any stone.

Here is summary

Karat Gold%
09K 37.5%
14K 58.33%
18K 75%
22K 91.67%
24K 99.99%

Metal Colour

Yellow Gold - Yellow gold is a blend of pure gold with alloy metals such as copper and zinc.

White Gold - White gold is a blend of gold with an alloy which are white in colours like silver or palladium.

Rose Gold - Rose gold is a blend of pure gold with copper.

Platinum - This is a perfect choice for anyone looking alternative to white gold. It is often available in pure form. Unlike white gold, it does not require mixing with other metals.


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