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Wedding Ring Guide

A wedding ring is a very special piece of jewellery! It symbolises the love that you both are going to share and you are going to wear it through the rest of your life. No wonder, choosing the wedding ring is one of the most critical parts of marital planning. You cannot just rush through it. A little research can help you find the perfect ring that is both stylish and suitable for your budget. At Miorola, our wedding band collection spans a variety of designs, metals, and diamonds and gemstones of different shapes and sizes.

Here is a guide by our experts to help you research your options and find out a ring that can best complement your style.

The Choice of the Metal

Yellow gold is not the only option in today's world of jewellery. From white and rose-coloured gold to platinum, today's jewellery designers love to play with multiple options when it comes to crafting out wedding bands for both brides and grooms. At Miorola, we help you choose from a wide-ranging metal variety - hard, soft, matted, shiny, and many more. Before finalizing on this aspect, you should keep one critical point in mind -your lifestyle.

As we said earlier, your wedding ring is different from any other jewellery piece; you are going to wear it every day. It will often go through wear and tear. That is why you should consider the practical side as well while concluding on a particular metal for your wedding ring. For example, the warm hues of rose gold add to the romantic charms of your wedding ring. Rose gold does not tarnish easily but you'll have to polish it at regular intervals to retain its pinkish hues.

White gold, on the other hand, is sturdier than yellow gold. The elegance and pristine appearance of white gold give it a gender-agonistic appeal. Yellow gold is a classic choice and perfect for a diamond-studded wedding ring, as the glimmer of gold can best complement a row of dazzling diamonds. The platinum, by far, makes the most expensive metal choice for a wedding ring. The elegance of white is at its best when teamed with coloured gemstones.

The Level of Customization

The wedding ring is the most treasured possessions of your life. It deserves to be one of its kind. Explore contemporary wedding ring designs for inspiration. Add to it your imagination and creativity to create something unique -- something that you'll be proud of. If you have a love for tradition, you should opt for classic designs that come mostly unadorned. If your clothing preference includes simple cuts and neutral colours, a classic wedding ring will be your best bet. If you want something simple, yet vibrant, mix and match with shapes and gemstones. For example, a wave-shaped, diamond-encrusted band with a smooth metal is perfect for a woman who wants to keep it classy and stylish at once.

On the other hand, a wide platinum band with a rope pattern and a sapphire accent is perfect for a man who appreciates the luxurious sides of life. We advise you not to go by the trends so much because fads come and go. A simple band with a diamond accent is a classic piece that has a timeless appeal.

At Miorola, we offer wide-ranging choices in metals and gemstones. Our design team will always be there to guide you through your selections of metal, diamonds, or any other coloured gemstones. Just get in touch with us and our experts will help you create your dream wedding ring effortlessly.


While choosing their wedding bands, brides and grooms often tend to ignore the most practical aspect which is setting a budget. Although there cannot be a one-size-fits-all budget rule for wedding band purchasing, people generally spend three percent of their total wedding budget on the rings that will adorn their fingers for the rest of their lives. While researching the price you should also keep a couple of points in mind:

Matching sets - Most couples prefer to wear matching wedding rings. That might call for a certain level of customization, and that in turn, may add to the costing. Also, many brides want their wedding rings to be in harmony with their engagement rings. The shape, style, and size of the diamonds or other gemstones have to be considered for creating such a complementary piece.

The alternative piece -- It's important to keep this precious, emotional piece of jewellery out of harm's way, isn't it? No wonder, many couples invest in an alternative, less expensive set of rings that can be used while travelling and at times of other lifestyle exigencies. If you want an additional shield for your wedding rings, add this cost to your budget calculation.

The insurance -- Just like all other valuables in your collection, get your wedding rings insured, too. You can add these items to your home insurance plan. Putting together that perfect ring is not easy. However, with the right partner at your side, giving you the advice, you need, it becomes a lot easier to craft out that special piece. At Miorola, we do not have a large inventory of wedding rings; our expertise lies in helping you create the ring of your dream. Our experts will guide you through the entire journey which involves choosing the metal, shapes, size of the diamond or other gemstones, the shape of the ring, and accents. With Miorola, your dream wedding ring is just a few clicks away.


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