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Cluster Diamond Ring

These beautifully crafted diamonds are diligently set to form a bigger diamond. This cluster diamond rings jewels are designed to perfectly complement the most special occasions. These rings are growing into a broadly popular selection of the style of diamond rings. Choose from a wide variety to select your perfect ring at Miorola.

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MIORG0113DI - RG15YG0900227


Starting price: ₹49,456

Azure Royal Ring

MIORG0147DI - RG15RG0900490


Starting price: ₹44,064

Classic Coke

MIORG0146DI - RG15RG0900460


Starting price: ₹21,501

Clump Eye

MIORG0115DI - RG15YG0900229


Starting price: ₹39,461

Daydream Circle Ring

MIORG0136DI - RG15RG0900470


Starting price: ₹25,375

Get Groovy Ring

MIORG0141DI - RG15RG0900485


Starting price: ₹24,749


MIORG0133DI - RG15RG0900478


Starting price: ₹22,852


MIORG0134DI - RG15RG0900479


Starting price: ₹23,917


MIORG0145DI - RG15RG0900487


Starting price: ₹24,692

Pear Ring

MIORG0135DI - RG15RG0900484


Starting price: ₹46,393

Pretty Plaza

MIORG0143DI - RG15RG0900459


Starting price: ₹19,168

Shanaya's Ring

MIORG0144DI - RG15RG0900486


Starting price: ₹28,075


MIORG0138DI - RG15RG0900491


Starting price: ₹22,632

Core Heart

MIORG0139DI - RG15RG0900471


Starting price: ₹21,786

Cygnus Ring

MIORG0006DI - RG15YG0900100


Starting price: ₹41,729

Claire Cluster Ring

MIORG0140DI - RG15RG0900472


Starting price: ₹26,459


MIORG0090DI - RG15YG0900184


Starting price: ₹33,359

Bubbly Ring

MIORG0142DI - RG15RG0900473


Starting price: ₹32,659

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How to measure your ring size?

Hello! Measuring your ring size is extremely easy. To find your ring size, you will need a thread and a measuring ruler. Take the thread and wrap it around the base of the finger on which you plan to wear your ring. Use a pen to mark the tape where it overlaps.Then, simply measure the string in millimetres. Finally, compare your millimetre reading to any ring size chart to determine your perfect ring size.

Can ring size changed?

Hello! Yes! The size of the ring can be increased. Increasing the size of the ring is not an uncommon phenomenon. The size of the human finger changes gradually because of many encountered factors such as aging, pregnancy, change in the surrounding temperature, etc. In such a scenario the size of the finger may fluctuate which may result in the ring not being too comfortable and causing distress hence the size of the ring can be increased considering the design of the ring isn't either engraved or eternity.


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