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Diamond Pendants

Jewellery shows a personal facet of yourself to the world no matter how big or a small piece of jewellery you wear. Diamond pendant is one of that jewellery which comes in different settings and styles and each has its own characteristics, it is often given as a symbol of love and specifically eternal love. From a classic solitaire pendants to elegant heart pendant, we have an quite good range of beautiful pendants to suit all styles.

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MIOPD0064DI -PD16YG0900213


Starting price:₹18,978

Alphabet A Pendant

MIOPD0077DI -PD16YG0900429


Starting price:₹16,271

Bloom Jasmin

MIOPD0104DI -PD16RG0900462


Starting price:₹20,321


MIOPD0003DI -PD16YG0900044


Starting price:₹112,130


MIOPD0045DI -PD16YG0900082


Starting price:₹25,957


MIOPD0041DI -PD16YG0900078


Starting price:₹20,509

Milap Heart Pendant

MIOPD0103DI -PD16RG0900461


Starting price:₹17,831

Sway Interlaced

MIOPD0105DI -PD16RG0900476


Starting price:₹23,792

Alphabet B Pendant

MIOPD0078DI -PD16YG0900430


Starting price:₹15,353

Encircle Pendant

MIOPD0107DI -PD16RG0900489


Starting price:₹17,311

Hanging Heart

MIOPD0011DI -PD16YG0900051


Starting price:₹78,626

Intrigue Narcissus

MIOPD0106DI -PD16RG0900488


Starting price:₹18,115


MIOPD0021DI -PD16YG0900060


Starting price:₹11,475

Om Pendant

MIOPD0075DI -PD16YG0900423


Starting price:₹30,959

Round Disc

MIOPD0068DI -PD16YG0900327


Starting price:₹29,135

Sunraised Pendants

MIOPD0108DI -PD16RG0900477


Starting price:₹68,175


MIOPD0057DI -PD16YG0900094


Starting price:₹8,787

Alphabet C Pendant

MIOPD0079DI -PD16YG0900431


Starting price:₹17,651

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If you're in any way drawn to the inherent beauty of diamonds, you're well aware that the sparkling diamond pendant is a jewellery-box staple that won't go out of style. Possibly the most charming gift that can be passed down for generations, a simple diamond necklace has a stunning quality that is not to be underestimated.

Diamond Pendants have been favoured by the elite for thousands of years, and it's easy to see why. They add the perfect finishing touch to a glamorous look, but also versatile enough to add to a smart daytime look.

Diamond pendants - A perfect Gift!

A diamond pendant makes the most precious birthday gift or anniversary present of all, plus it’s an essential addition to any bride-to-be’s big day. Our sensational diamond pendant brings class, sophistication and elegance to any and every outfit.

So, whether you’re celebrating a landmark moment in your life, enjoying a time of good fortune or want to show someone you care, express yourself with a desirable pendant necklace.

How to wear diamond pendants?

One of the most important tip to remember while wearing a diamond pendant is to keep it simple. A diamond pendant is essential in every girl's wardrobe. A diamond pendant should complement your outfit well and should be worn carefully by analysing the neckline.

What is a good size diamond for a pendant?

For those who love that extra sparkle and shimmering display to pair it with their outfit, a one-carat diamond pendant should the best size. At about 6.5 mm across, this size would make your everyday outfit look radiant.

Is a diamond pendant a good gift?

Choosing the perfect gift for the special someone can be a tricky task. As you want to make them feel special and let them know how much you value them. A pendant in such a scenario could just be the perfect gift. A pendant is an important accessory in every girl's outfit and is the essential accessory to make any outfit look stunning and radiant.


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