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Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewellery buyer these days are looking for products which are lesser in price but best in quality. The technology behind lab diamonds has made crucial advances in recent years, allowing companies to grow higher quality diamonds more rapidly and more cheaply.

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MIOPD0003LB -PD16YG0900403


Starting price:₹91,388


MIORG0083LB -RG15YG0900364


Starting price:₹27,859

Eye Catching

MIOPD0041LB -PD16YG0900414


Starting price:₹19,101

Aahana Ring

MIORG0059LB -RG15YG0900357


Starting price:₹15,871


MIOER0052LB -ERPUYG0900400


Starting price:₹16,809


MIORG0081LB -RG15YG0900362


Starting price:₹38,649


MIOPD0021LB -PD16YG0900405


Starting price:₹10,313


MIORG0087LB -RG15YG0900368


Starting price:₹39,506


MIORG0094LB -RG15YG0900373


Starting price:₹28,589

Rich Ring

MIORG0101LB -RG15YG0900379


Starting price:₹36,885

Rill Pendant

MIOPD0067LB -PD16YG0900419


Starting price:₹19,046


MIORG0091LB -RG15YG0900371


Starting price:₹30,316


MIORG0109LB -RG15YG0900382


Starting price:₹74,172

Sakshi's Earring

MIOER0053LB -ERPUYG0900401


Starting price:₹17,123

Simonee Ring

MIORG0095LB -RG15YG0900374


Starting price:₹39,908


MIOPD0046LB -PD16YG0900415


Starting price:₹10,835

Careni Ring

MIORG0020LB -RG15YG0900350


Starting price:₹9,322


MIOPD0036LB -PD16YG0900412


Starting price:₹67,415

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In coming years lab grown or machine made diamonds are going to future in diamond industries. These diamonds are laboratories grown diamonds under same temperature and are available in all color and clarity just like mined diamonds. Renowned labs from worlds have certified it, so they are not fake it is completely original. It is like test tube babies. Products made using lab grown diamonds are 50% lesser than product made using minded diamonds. If someone is thinking that its brightness will fade then you are wrong, it will bright just like mined diamonds.

What is Lab grown or Lab created diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds that are created artificially in a laboratory and aren't mined like traditional diamonds. With modern technological advancements, diamonds no longer have to be mined;they can be created. There isn't any difference between a mined and an artificially created diamond, they have the same physical and chemical properties as compared to a naturally mined diamond.

How are lab grown or created diamond grown?

1.Exposing the diamond to high pressure- Here the lab technicians take diamond seeds to replicate a natural diamond’s process that occurs beneath the earth’s surface by exerting extreme pressure and high temperatures up to 2,600 °C to transform it into a gem which is closely monitored by lab technicians until completion.

2. Chemical vapour deposition- More commonly known as CVD process. Here, At very low pressure, various gasses are added. Next, plasma is generated as a result of heating gasses using microwaves. Once the temperature reaches over several thousand degrees, then can the gas molecules break apart, and carbon atoms attach to the seeds and grow layer by layer.

Is It A Real Diamond?

Absolutely it is, It is 100% Original. The solitary contrast is the birthplace of these stones, rather than being mined from the earth they are grown under a controlled climate in a lab. Certificates from renowned labs also certify them as diamonds, also there is a buyback policy.

Is CZ(Cubic Zirconia) and Lab Grown Diamond Same?

No, CZ and Lab-grown diamonds are not the same. Cubic zirconia contains zero-carbon whereas lab diamonds are made of carbon.


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