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types of diamond settings

Author:Adrija3rd November 2020 at 12:00am

Diamonds are set using different setting styles and techniques. The overall look of the stone depends heavily on the setting used. For instance, the prong setting enhances the shine of the diamond due to greater light refraction. Read on to discover a wide array of setting styles and designs.

Prong setting

This is one of the most popular choices for setting loose gems. In this style, the diamond is mounted relatively higher than it would have been normally done. This allows a lot more light to pass through the gemstone, creating a dramatic effect. Also known as the claw setting, it minimizes the amount of metal used in the jewellery. This classic setting is generally used to set princess cut diamonds.Prong Setting

Pave setting

A pave setting is actually used in crafting engagement rings. The diamonds are set low and held together using small “beads”. The gems are placed closely on the surface, in clusters, forming a continuous chain of diamonds. This style creates a brilliant sparkling effect and is perhaps the most elegant of all the settings

out there.pave setting

Channel setting

This setting is a very versatile one-it can be used for all cuts like round, princess, Asscher, etc. The diamonds are secured in place against vertical metal walls, forming a channel in which the gems are nestled close together.

Bar Channel Setting

The diamonds are placed between metal bars and secured in place using grooves at the top and bottom. The space between the gemstones allows adequate light to pass through the diamonds. This setting style works great for engagement rings or wedding bands.

Bezel setting

A metal strip encircles the diamond which is set deep inside it. The stone appears to be embedded in the metal, creating an illusion of a larger stone and increased prominence. Note that the bezel setting tends to be more expensive than the other settings as it requires higher expertise and a considerable amount of metal.Bezel Setting

Half bezel setting

It’s easy to get confused between a bezel and a half bezel setting. Technically, both are the same. The only difference is that in a half bezel setting, the diamond is surrounded by a metal rim that is left open at the edges. By leaving the edges uncovered, one can flaunt the distinctive cuts and angles of the precious gemstones.

Tension setting

This setting uses compression to secure the gemstones in place. The minimal metal and unique placement create an illusion of a diamond floating over the band itself. The tension setting is not a traditional setting; it's highly unusual and unique in its appearance. Tension-set diamonds demand a specific skill set and high expertise which is why they tend to be in the steeper range of prices.

Fishtail setting

The diamonds are set very low in the metal strips and are secured in place using tiny beads. When seen from the above, the metal groves look similar to fishtails. This is one of the most sophisticated setting styles out there. It is the perfect portrayal of skillful craftsmanship. Unfortunately, this style has not gained much popularity like all its other siblings.

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