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Author:Adrija1st June 2021 at10:10am

At the time of purchasing a ring, you may have come across puzzling phrases, that make no sense to you. Knowing the technical jargon may seem unnecessary, but understanding some words and expressions will help you make a smart and informed purchase. If you want to look up the terms that are in common parlance, don’t worry, we have got you covered. This article will be your guide in getting a complete understanding of the anatomy of a ring. Shank Shank simply refers to the band of the rin..

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Author:Adrija16th May 2021 at12:15pm
Pink Diamond Rings: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you have a fetish for coloured gemstones? Then take a look at some pink diamond pieces. While white diamonds are a timeless classic, pink diamonds are incredibly unique and beautiful. Their unusual beauty and enchanting colour scheme, have managed to gather an impressive band of admirers, which mostly consist of royals and celebrities. However, if you are thinking of investing in a pink diamond ring, then this article will be your ultimate guide. The Origin Story The pigmentation of..

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Before You Buy A Diamond Ring, Calculate The Price — Here Is How

Are you trying to avail the best offers in diamond rings for women? In India, on average, a diamond ring can cost you anywhere between 20K to 1Lac. The wide price gap is due to countless factors, which drive the price up or down. For the ultimate smart purchase, research is the key. To understand the various factors at play, and form an estimate about the price, do read further on. Carat Weight This is perhaps the most important factor influencing the price. Carat is the unit of measureme..

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Author:Adrija20th February 2021 at11:43am
The Ring Size That Is Just Perfect For You

The fit of a ring is equally important, just as its visual elements. The right fit not only enhances the overall beauty but also makes you feel comfortable wearing that particular piece. Finding the right fit can be a little tricky, as there are various factors that can affect its size. From temperature changes to your finger shapes, there are some interesting determinants of the ring size, of which you should know a little. The biological and chemical activities inside your body have an i..

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Factors That Can Affect Your Ring Size

An important aspect that many ring buyers tend to overlook, is the overall fit. If your ring doesn’t fit you like a glove, then it might not look that great. If you are about to pop the question to your significant other, or just about to splurge on yourself, then, first try to find out the size that suits best for you. Before you start researching on size guides, you should first try to understand certain factors that will affect the fit of your ring, in the long run. Did you know that th..

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Author:Adrija10th December 2020 at09:17am

ARE DIAMOND RINGS CHEAPER IN INDIA Like most buyers, while purchasing a diamond ring, you might have dedicated a lot of your precious time, searching for the best deal out there. In between your research, you must have come across a fact that diamonds are much cheaper in India. So, is it a fact or fiction? Like most articles floating on the internet, none of them divulge any deeper into this topic. So before taking a decision based on just a line that you have heard or read somewhere, giv..

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Author:Adrija6th November 2020 at10:05am

Over the years, diamond rings and engagement ring have almost become synonymous with each other. For most people, a perfect engagement ring needs to have a sparkling diamond set at its centre. However. It’s a myth that diamond rings are only meant for engagement, anniversaries or weddings. As diamonds are always seen as the symbol of eternal love and commitment, it's really difficult to disassociate diamonds from engagement rings. But diamond rings can serve many purposes other than an engagemen..

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Diamonds are set using different setting styles and techniques. The overall look of the stone depends heavily on the setting used. For instance, the prong setting enhances the shine of the diamond due to greater light refraction. Read on to discover a wide array of setting styles and designs. Prong setting This is one of the most popular choices for setting loose gems. In this style, the diamond is mounted relatively higher than it would have been normally done. This allows a lot more ligh..

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Author:Palm10th October 2020 at12:41pm
What is the price of a real diamond ring

How much is a real diamond ring? So you have finally decided to pop the question. Now, it is time to get a diamond ring, because a proposal is simply incomplete without one. But, before that, you need to consider your budget and then decide which ring to go for.Read on to know more about the cost of diamond rings. The simple ringThese are simple gold bands with a diamond or floral motif with diamonds in them. A simple ring can start from Rs. 50,000 and can go to upwards of a lakh. The diamo..

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