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Author:Adrija16th May 2021 at12:03pm
Before You Buy A Diamond Ring, Calculate The Price — Here Is How

Are you trying to avail the best offers in diamond rings for women? In India, on average, a diamond ring can cost you anywhere between 20K to 1Lac. The wide price gap is due to countless factors, which drive the price up or down. For the ultimate smart purchase, research is the key. To understand the various factors at play, and form an estimate about the price, do read further on. Carat Weight This is perhaps the most important factor influencing the price. Carat is the unit of measureme..

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Author:Adrija20th February 2021 at11:43am
The Ring Size That Is Just Perfect For You

The fit of a ring is equally important, just as its visual elements. The right fit not only enhances the overall beauty but also makes you feel comfortable wearing that particular piece. Finding the right fit can be a little tricky, as there are various factors that can affect its size. From temperature changes to your finger shapes, there are some interesting determinants of the ring size, of which you should know a little. The biological and chemical activities inside your body have an i..

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Author:Adrija20th February 2021 at11:27am
Factors That Can Affect Your Ring Size

An important aspect that many ring buyers tend to overlook, is the overall fit. If your ring doesn’t fit you like a glove, then it might not look that great. If you are about to pop the question to your significant other, or just about to splurge on yourself, then, first try to find out the size that suits best for you. Before you start researching on size guides, you should first try to understand certain factors that will affect the fit of your ring, in the long run. Did you know that th..

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Author:Adrija17th December 2020 at10:54am
Which Is The Best Diamond For An Engagement Ring

In the dynamic, everchanging world of fashion, a style that has managed to stand the test of time, is the all-time classic round- cut diamond engagement ring. For decades, round diamonds have always been the popular choice for an engagement ring. If you are thinking of getting the ultimate best for your loved one, then definitely go for a round-cut stone. So, what makes these diamonds so special and why should they be your top pick? Read on further, to understand why these diamonds are ..

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Author:Adrija10th December 2020 at11:54am
How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement  Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a quite daunting task on its own. The countless suggestions that you come across, are definitely going to make you feel perplexed. So, it is always advisable to do a little homework of your own before popping the question. Read on further to get all your answers relating to how much you should spend on an engagement ring. Two-Month Salary Rule - Fact or Fiction? Over the years it has become common knowledge, that one should set aside two months..

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Author:Adrija10th December 2020 at09:55am
Which Type Of Ring Will Work Best As An Engagement  Ring

Engagement rings Offer a wide range of mesmerising styles, designs and cuts to choose from. When faced with thousands of options, the selection process turns into a rather tiring affair from the fun activity it was meant to be. It becomes really hard to zero in on one design with countless styles right in front of you. To avoid an unnecessary hassle, it is always better to shortlist some of the designs, that might suit your fiancé’s tastes. While some might go for a classic engagement rin..

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