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Author:Adrija1st June 2021 at10:28am

The beautiful sparkle of a diamond is what makes it beloved by so many. The enchanting effect is however arrived at, after hours of polish and an expert finish. If you have ever wondered what makes a diamond sparkle so much, then you are just at the right place. Read on to discover more about the intricate structuring of this versatile gem. What makes a diamond glitter? The characteristic sparkle of the gemstone is due to its high refractive index. The refractive quality depends a lot on ..

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Author:Adrija1st June 2021 at10:10am

At the time of purchasing a ring, you may have come across puzzling phrases, that make no sense to you. Knowing the technical jargon may seem unnecessary, but understanding some words and expressions will help you make a smart and informed purchase. If you want to look up the terms that are in common parlance, don’t worry, we have got you covered. This article will be your guide in getting a complete understanding of the anatomy of a ring. Shank Shank simply refers to the band of the rin..

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Author:Adrija1st June 2021 at09:40am

To the inexperienced eyes, Moissanite and Diamond are almost indistinguishable. When you have to choose between these two, confusion is inevitable. This article will highlight the ways to tell them apart and make you understand which of them is just right for you. What is Moissanite? Moissanite is a naturally occurring silicon carbide. It is an extremely rare mineral, whose origin can be traced back to outer space. It was first discovered by French chemist Dr Henri Moissan in 1893. Appa..

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It is not always easy to find that perfect gift for your loved one. And, when it is your mom, the pressure is on, as she deserves the loveliest gift of all. Be it an assorted chocolate box, or a flower bouquet, it has to be something that shows your undying love and appreciation for her. So, on this occasion of Mother’s Day, we have shortlisted some of the best jewellery pieces that you can spoil your mother with. Engraved Gold Locket If you are thinking of getting something customised for you..

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Author:Adrija16th May 2021 at12:15pm
Pink Diamond Rings: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you have a fetish for coloured gemstones? Then take a look at some pink diamond pieces. While white diamonds are a timeless classic, pink diamonds are incredibly unique and beautiful. Their unusual beauty and enchanting colour scheme, have managed to gather an impressive band of admirers, which mostly consist of royals and celebrities. However, if you are thinking of investing in a pink diamond ring, then this article will be your ultimate guide. The Origin Story The pigmentation of..

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Author:Adrija20th February 2021 at11:43am
The Ring Size That Is Just Perfect For You

The fit of a ring is equally important, just as its visual elements. The right fit not only enhances the overall beauty but also makes you feel comfortable wearing that particular piece. Finding the right fit can be a little tricky, as there are various factors that can affect its size. From temperature changes to your finger shapes, there are some interesting determinants of the ring size, of which you should know a little. The biological and chemical activities inside your body have an i..

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Author:Adrija20th February 2021 at11:27am
Factors That Can Affect Your Ring Size

An important aspect that many ring buyers tend to overlook, is the overall fit. If your ring doesn’t fit you like a glove, then it might not look that great. If you are about to pop the question to your significant other, or just about to splurge on yourself, then, first try to find out the size that suits best for you. Before you start researching on size guides, you should first try to understand certain factors that will affect the fit of your ring, in the long run. Did you know that th..

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Author:Adrija20th February 2021 at11:06am
Top 7 Jewellery Gifts For This Valentine's Day

If are looking for the perfect something to surprise your loved one on this Valentine’s Day, then consider jewellery. The great thing about jewellery is that, they are treasured by everyone. When it comes to romantic gifts, jewellery can be a fantastic way to communicate that unending love you feel for your significant other. Be it a diamond ring for her, or a wedding band for him, jewellery always makes a fabulous gift. Here are 7 jewellery pieces, that will make a perfect gift on this da..

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Author:Adrija20th February 2021 at10:31am
India's Take On Gold Mining: A SYNOPSIS

With 800-900 tonnes of annual overseas purchases, India has been termed the largest importer of gold. The excessive demand in the domestic jewellery industry, is the impetus for such generous percentages. In addition to its ornamental significance, with the advent of lucrative investment options like gold ETFs (Exchange-traded funds), gold mutual funds, sovereign gold bonds, to name a few, many investors are opting to invest more in gold, to boost their portfolio. The domestic demand for g..

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Author:Adrija20th February 2021 at09:40am
Rose Gold Jewellery: A BRIEF OVERVIEW

A perfect complement to traditional gold rose gold jewellery has created a ripple in the fashion community, with its pristine-pink aesthetic. With the advent of spring, some prefer to switch to rose-gold accessories, as it stands out beautifully against the fresh summery glow of nature. Rose gold is really easy to accessorise and makes you look stunning at any time of the day. The Science Behind Rose-Gold Gold in its pure state (24 karat gold), is extremely soft and unsuitable, for jewelle..

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Author:Adrija20th February 2021 at09:21am
Making a Style Statement With Oxidised Jewellery : A BRIEF OVERVIEW

Nothing can be more versatile and eye-appealing than good old oxidised jewellery. It is truly fresh and fuss free-range, which makes it a huge hit among women of all ages. With a myriad of brilliant designs to choose from, you can never go wrong with oxidised jewellery as your fashion accessory. Read on, to know what oxidised jewellery is and the reason behind its raging popularity. Oxidised jewellery: A backdrop Oxidised jewellery is basically blackened sterling silver metal. It is usually..

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Author:Adrija6th February 2021 at11:18am
The Most Popular Earrings That Every Jewel Lover Should Own

Earrings are always the defining point of every look that you put together. Be it your ethnic best or a breezy frock, an earring pair will definitely help you add some bling and elevate your whole look book. Your earring ensemble should be versatile and inclusive of the various indigenous designs, from every part of the world. Read on to know about some of the most popular earring styles that should be a part of your wardrobe. CharmingChandeliers Perhaps the most stunning out of all, chandelie..

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Author:Adrija6th February 2021 at10:50am
Terracotta Jewellery Is In : Here Is What You Need To Know

The chic, glamorous world of today has quite freely, opened its doors to a humbler and more unassuming genre, of terracotta jewellery. From illustrious galleries to local jewellers, terracotta jewellery has managed to create a ripple in the fashion community, with its charming and tasteful aesthetic. This style has picked up its pace in recent years and emerged as one of the coolest trends in town. Read on to discover more about this newest model of the fashion world. What is a terracotta jewel..

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Author:Adrija6th February 2021 at10:34am
Earring Styles That Work Best With a Saree

If there is something which can instantly transform you into a glamorous diva, it has to be the ever elegant and timeless saree. Dressing up in a saree can be an exciting prospect, as there is plenty of room for you to get creative with your outfit. While a saree itself needs no introduction, it always turns out to be even more spectacular when you spice it up with the right choice of accessories. Apart from a gorgeous necklace or a choker set, earrings complement a saree quite well and wor..

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Author:Adrija6th February 2021 at10:17am
Which Type Of Earring Are Best For Teenage Girls

Dressing up and experimenting with your looks can be quite an exciting and fun experience when you are in your teenage years. You always try to be at the top of your game, when it comes to making fashion choices. Be it your college freshers party or a casual day out with your friends, your pick of accessories will be the ultimate key for creating a striking look. If you are looking for some trendy accessories to have in your wardrobe, then have a look at some pretty pair of earrings, as they are..

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