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what is the price of a real diamond ring

Author:Palm10th October 2020 at 12:00am
What is the price of a real diamond ring

How much is a real diamond ring?

So you have finally decided to pop the question. Now, it is time to get a diamond ring, because a proposal is simply incomplete without one. But, before that, you need to consider your budget and then decide which ring to go for.Read on to know more about the cost of diamond rings.

The simple ring
These are simple gold bands with a diamond or floral motif with diamonds in them. A simple ring can start from Rs. 50,000 and can go to upwards of a lakh. The diamond ring cost depends on the gold used in the band, the amount and cut of the diamonds, and the craftsmanship. These are perfect for those who like vintage designs and something less flashy.

The cluster diamond ring

If you like something that is flashy but does not cost you a bomb, go for these. Cluster rings have small diamonds set in a way to look like one big stone. You can also add a band of white or yellow gold, as per your choice. The smaller diamonds typically cost lesser than a lakh, and hence you can get a diamond ring of choice well below the price of a solitaire.

The big rock

A quintessential engagement ring, these are some of the biggest diamond rings that you can purchase. In this type of rings, a large diamond is set flush on a gold or platinum band. The price of these diamond rings will typically depend on the cut of the diamond. An emerald cut will cost you lesser than a round solitaire. The price also varies with the carat of diamond used. A 0.9-carat diamond ring costs anywhere between 1-2 lakhs. Next, a premium solitaire of 1-1.5-carat will cost anywhere from 2 to 4 lakhs. The costliest is a 2-carat diamond ring that can cost you upward of 2 lakh rupees.

Keep these things that you must keep in mind when deciding your budget.

Metal used

The metals that you use in the band add to the final cost of the diamond ring. You can go for white gold, yellow gold or platinum. The price of the materials goes on increasing in that order.

Making charges

Making charges are the craftsmanship and labour costs that go into making the ring. They vary from one jeweller to another. The bigger and the more premium the jewellery store, the higher will be the diamond ring cost.


Yes, the colour of the diamond used matters. Typically, a blue or a red diamond will be costlier than a plain diamond. Hence, choose the colour thoughtfully.


The weight of the band will also make a difference in the price of the ring. The thinner the band, the lesser is the weight and the less costly is the ring.


Buying a diamond ring online is cheaper than getting the ring from a physical store, due to lesser overhead costs and direct selling to customers.

Now that you have an idea about diamond ring prices, you can go shopping for the one www.miorola.com is amongst the best places that you can shop for a diamond ring. You can easily compare the rings and choose the one that you like the most. What is more, the diamond rings are certified and guaranteed for genuineness.

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