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anatomy of a ring: 5 terms you should know

Author:Adrija1st June 2021 at 12:00am

At the time of purchasing a ring, you may have come across puzzling phrases, that make no sense to you. Knowing the technical jargon may seem unnecessary, but understanding some words and expressions will help you make a smart and informed purchase. If you want to look up the terms that are in common parlance, don’t worry, we have got you covered. This article will be your guide in getting a complete understanding of the anatomy of a ring.


Shank simply refers to the band of the ring. It is used to describe the metal that encircles your finger. Shank is one of the most important parts of a ring, as it ensures a great fit and prevents the ring from spinning. Two of the most common shank types that you should know are Straight and Cathedral. A straight shank is as simple as it sounds. This is usually found in most solitaire rings. It is a continuous circle of metal with no splits or bends. A cathedral ring shank is the one where the stone is framed by two arches. Make sure to give extra attention while selecting a shank metal or design. Opt for a thick and strong shank, that fits your finger well. Resizing will not be a problem at all; the jeweller can easily add or remove some metal off the shank at your request.


This term refers to the uppermost part of the ring that holds the centre stone together. This is the element that helps in better light reflection and makes the stone glow even brighter. The most popular style is the ‘pronged-head’. Prongs are the metal tips that hold the stone in place. Most prefer a six- or a four-pronged diamond solitaire. The more prongs a ring has, the more secured the centre stone will be. Apart from a prong setting, you can also find bezel and channel heads. They look a bit different, but their utility remains the same. So, at the time of your next purchase, take a look at the various heads, and choose the one that promises the best security for your stone.


The gallery refers to the segment that is just underneath the centre stone. The gallery is meant to add some depth to the overall design of the ring. You can pick an elaborate design or choose to keep it simple. The main purpose of this part is to provide structural integrity to the ring. Always check the gallery, at the time of buying an engagement ring. Make sure to check the correct size of the gallery, if you are planning to pair it with your wedding ring.


Halo refers to a particular setting, where a series of smaller accent stones, encircle a larger centre stone. Halo rings are an excellent alternative to any solitaire and work well if you are on a budget. Also, they act as an extra layer of protection to the main, centre stone. If you are looking for unique diamond ring styles, then this is the one for you. Just make sure the accents stones are placed together securely.


Although many of us tend to think that it is a style of diamond, but in reality, it is just a ring setting. It is a design where, tiny diamonds are attached to the shank, resulting in a continuous line or ‘pavement’ of gems, closely set together. The stones are put in place using small, metal prong or beads. If you are not a big fan of exposed metal tips, then consider a micro-pavé setting. The key difference is that micro-pavé settings use extremely small prongs, leaving very little metal exposed.

Knowing the terminology will help you select a ring with ease. So, make sure to give this a read before you set out to find the ring of your dreams!

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