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pink diamond rings: a comprehensive guide

Author:Adrija16th May 2021 at 12:00am
Pink Diamond Rings: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you have a fetish for coloured gemstones? Then take a look at some pink diamond pieces. While white diamonds are a timeless classic, pink diamonds are incredibly unique and beautiful. Their unusual beauty and enchanting colour scheme, have managed to gather an impressive band of admirers, which mostly consist of royals and celebrities. However, if you are thinking of investing in a pink diamond ring, then this article will be your ultimate guide.

The Origin Story

The pigmentation of most coloured diamonds, is due to the presence of chemical impurities, like nitrogen, boron, etc. However, the exact reason behind the pinkish hue of this diamond is not known. It is said to be formed as a result of a process known as “plastic deformation”. An extreme pressure condition leads to a deformation in the molecular integrity of these gemstones.

The origin of pink diamonds can be traced back to the Golconda mines in India. Pink diamonds were first featured in the brilliant Iranian crown Jewel collection: The Noor-ul-Ain and The Daria-i-Noor. They have also been found in Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, and Australia.

Interesting Facts About Pink Diamonds That You Might Not Know Yet

a) These diamonds come in different shades of pink, with varying intensities. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades these from a scale of Faint Pink to Fancy Deep Pink. Every Pink diamond has a secondary overtone, like purple-pink or brown-pink; as a result of which, all these gems look different from each other.

b) In most diamond mines, a “kimberlite pipe” is used to extract the gems. However, owing to the distinctive nature of the pink diamonds, a “volcanic lamproite pipe” is used for extraction.

c) The world’s supply of pink diamond is largely met, by the well-renowned diamond mine in Western Australia, called The Argyle Mines. Interestingly, less than 1% of the diamonds produced there, turn out to be pink. Such low extraction rates have made these gems, one of the rarest in the world.

d) As per a study conducted by the Argyle Mines, a pink diamond costs twenty times, the price of its white diamond equivalent.

It is a dream of many, to have one of these in their jewellery closet. If that dream has finally become a reality, and you are thinking of investing in a pretty pink diamond ring, then here are some pointers that you might want to look at first.

High-Value Jewellery

Pink diamonds are one of the scarcest gemstones in the world. A low extraction and availability rate naturally leads to an exorbitant price range. In India, the starting price of these gems is approximately 1.25 lakhs per carat. Be mindful of your budget. Even the ones with lower clarity are going to cost you a lot. If you feel overwhelmed by such sky-rocketing prices, then consider lab- grown diamonds as your second option. These are grown in a laboratory, simulating the earth’s conditions required for the creation of diamonds. The colour intensity is lesser in these man-made gems, but they will definitely be a bit lighter on your wallet.

Don’t Compromise on the 4C’s

As with any other diamond, you must first inspect the 4C’s, i.e., cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. In the case of pink diamonds, dedicate more time to the gemstone colour. GIA grades these gems from a scale of Faint Pink to Fancy Deep Pink, the latter having the deepest saturation. When you purchase a pink diamond, don’t forget to take note of the colour intensity given in the descriptions—it starts with the intensity and is followed by the secondary and primary colours. Keep in mind that, higher the colour intensity, the higher will be the price. So, a purple-pink diamond will cost you more than an orange-pink diamond. Also, if you are looking for highly pigmented diamonds, you may have to compromise on the cut and clarity of the gemstone. Do some research on the various gradings and scales provided by the GIA, before coming to a decision.

Carat Weight

Unlike other gemstones, most pink diamonds do not come in larger carat weights. If you love rings that feature a large stone, then consider expanding your budget. Larger pink diamonds are difficult to come by and incredibly expensive. So, it is better to opt for something that has a lighter carat weight.

Certification is Important

At the time of purchasing a pink diamond, always check for GIA certifications. Known for its uniform, and strict grading policies, a GIA certified diamond ensures that you are making a smart buy.

Cut Costs in the Stone Settings

If you are purchasing a lab-grown pink diamond ring, then consider choosing a rose-gold setting as the backdrop. This is a handy tip, as it exemplifies the pinkish hue of the otherwise cheap stone. You can also go for a ring design, that showcases a synthetic pink diamond at the centre, surrounded by halo-set gems. This particular setting gives the illusion of a much brighter and larger stone.

Investing in a pink diamond ring can be quite daunting. So, make sure to go through all the pointers, before making a pink diamond part of your fashion closet!

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