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the ring size that is just perfect for you

Author:Adrija20th February 2021 at 12:00am
The Ring Size That Is Just Perfect For You

The fit of a ring is equally important, just as its visual elements. The right fit not only enhances the overall beauty but also makes you feel comfortable wearing that particular piece. Finding the right fit can be a little tricky, as there are various factors that can affect its size. From temperature changes to your finger shapes, there are some interesting determinants of the ring size, of which you should know a little.

  • The biological and chemical activities inside your body have an impact on the fit. For instance, when you are working out, as more blood is being pumped all over your body, the veins of your fingers will swell up, causing the ring to fill a bit tight. For many people, the cold season makes their fingers shrink, and as a result, the ring may feel loosened up. So, take a note of how your body works, and then choose the size. Another incredible factor is pregnancy. Apparently, during pregnancy, the fingers swell up due to the excess fluids in the body, making the ring feel a bit tighter.

  • The shape of your fingers plays a huge role in determining the right size. As finger shapes vary from person to person, certain ring sizes are attributable only to specific finger structures.

  • The width of the ring is an important factor behind a good fit. If you have figured out a decent width of your band, then you are very close to a perfect fit.

  • If you are making an international purchase, then be careful while picking the size of your ring, as the measurement scales vary from country to country.

Now that you are familiar with the prerequisites for a perfectly fitting ring, take a look at how you can actually find a good fit.

  • Firstly, get to know your finger shapes. For those with slender fingers, the rule is to opt for a wider band, preferably with a stone in the center, to nicely balance it out. For knuckled fingers, always remember that the ring should fit well over your knuckles. Those who have tapered fingers, pick a ring that sits snugly at the base. Overall, a ring that is perfectly fitted, will be able to slide smoothly over your knuckles.

  • Hot days are going to make your fingers swell up and cold weather will make your fingers shrink. So, make sure to choose something that will not cut your circulation or get lost down a drain.

  • If you are planning to pull out a surprise for your expecting partner, by getting a diamond ring for her, be extra thoughtful before picking one. As pregnancy makes the fingers swell up at times, make sure to get a roomier size, that will adjust nicely to the variable factors.

  • Wider bands fit tightly than the narrower ones. So, if you have a knuckled finger, always go for a thinner band, as the wider ones might have an ill-effect on your circulation. For the slender-fingered people, choose a wider band, as they fit more snugly. A pro tip for those with narrow fingers: add sizing beads or ‘speed bumps’ for a good fit.

  • Most of the rings come in ½ size measurements. But many are able to find a right fit, by resizing 1/8 th of it. So, if you want an incredible fit and all-time comfort, you can go for 1/8 size measurements.

Make sure to keep in mind all these tips and tricks, as they are surely going to bring you closer to the perfectly fitted ring of your dreams!

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